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Welcome to HQRP.com Webstore - High Quality products for Reasonable PriceTM

At our store you can buy a huge selection of electronics accessories at low prices. We are in business for more than 10 years and believe that high level of service, satisfaction of customers, and high quality of products are the main points of successful business.
We do our best to provide high level of service to our customers. It includes but is not limited to answering on all questions within 24 hours or earlier, dispatching of the products to the customer the same or the next day after purchase, providing 200 days warranty on most products. Our customers can always ask for help from our company before or after purchase: we have highly qualified specialists that can help you to choose the right product and also help to resolve after-purchase issue if happens.

All our products are carefully selected from the reputable manufacturers. Quality of the products is number one priority for our company. Most of our products correspond to the quality standards such as CE, FCC, ISO 9001/9002, RoHS etc. certifications to ensure their high quality and reliability.

Our company specializes in the electronics accessories merchandises:
- Solar Power products and accessories, including solar panels and controllers etc.
- Laptop and Netbook Accessories, including AC Adapters, Batteries, Keyboards, Optical Drives etc.
- Other Computer Accessories, including Network Cards, Hard Drives, Inverters etc.
- Digital Camera and Camcorder Accessories, including AC Adapter, Chargers, Batteries, Tripods etc.
- GPS Accessories, including Batteries, Mounts, Chargers etc.
- PDA, Cell Phone, MP3 Player Accessories, including Batteries, Screen Protectors
- Other Electronics and accessories for office and home improvement

Contact Information
If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact us
via email: info@hqrp.com
or phone: 973-679-7091
or using live support.
Mailing Address:
39 Harrison Avenue
Harrison, NJ, 07029



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