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HQRP Laptop Keyboard for HP G42 / G42T /Compaq Presario CQ42-Series

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HQRP Laptop Keyboard for HP G42 / G42T /Compaq Presario CQ42-Series

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General features:
- HQRP Laptop Keyboard;
- Type: Internal Laptop Keyboard;
- Color: Black;
- 100 days warranty!


General features:
- HQRP Laptop Keyboard;
- Type: Internal Laptop Keyboard;
- Color: Black;
- 100 days warranty!

Compatible with following models:
- HP Compaq Presario CQ42, CQ42-100, CQ42-200, CQ42-300,
- HP Compaq Presario CQ42-203LA, CQ42-205AU, CQ42-205AX, CQ42-205LA,
- HP Compaq Presario CQ42-210AU, CQ42-211BR, CQ42-212BR, CQ42-213BR,
- HP G42, G42-100, G42-154CA, G42-161LA, G42-163LA, G42-164LA, G42-165LA,
- HP G42-200, G42-212BR, G42-214BR, G42-215BR, G42-220BR, G42-221BR,
- HP G42-224CA, G42-228CA, G42-230BR, G42-230US, G42-240BR, G42-240LA,
- HP G42-240US, G42-241HE, G42-241LA, G42-245BR, G42-247SB, G42-250LA,
- HP G42-265LA, G42-268LA, G42-270LA, G42-271BR, G42-272BR, G42-281LA,
- HP G42-283LA, G42-285LA, G42-286LA, G42-287LA, G42-288LA, G42-290LA,
- HP G42-300, G42-301NR, G42-303DX, G42-320BR, G42-321BR, G42-328CA,
- HP G42-330BR, G42-350BR, G42-351TX, G42-352TU, G42-352TX, G42-354TU,
- HP G42-355TU, G42-355TX, G42-356TU, G42-356TX, G42-357TU, G42-357TX,
- HP G42-358TU, G42-358TX, G42-359TU, G42-359TX, G42-360TU, G42-360TX,
- HP G42-361TU, G42-361TX, G42-362LA, G42-362TX, G42-363LA, G42-363TX,
- HP G42-364LA, G42-364TX, G42-365LA, G42-365TX, G42-366TU, G42-366TX,
- HP G42-367CL, G42-367TU, G42-368TX, G42-369LA, G42-369TU, G42-370TU,
- HP G42-370TX, G42-371TU, G42-372LA, G42-372TU, G42-372TX, G42-373TU,
- HP G42-374TU, G42-375TU, G42-375TX, G42-376TX, G42-377TU, G42-378TX,
- HP G42-380LA, G42-380TX, G42-381TX, G42-382LA, G42-382TX, G42-383LA,
- HP G42-383TX, G42-384TX, G42-385TX, G42-386TX, G42-387TX, G42-388TX,
- HP G42-390TX, G42-392TX, G42-393TX, G42-394TX, G42-395TX, G42-396TX,
- HP G42-397TX, G42-398TX, G42-400, G42-415DX, G42-451TX, G42-452TU,
- HP G42-452TX, G42-453TU, G42-453TX, G42-454TU, G42-454TX, G42-455TX,
- HP G42-456TU, G42-456TX, G42-457TU, G42-457TX, G42-458TU, G42-458TX,
- HP G42-459TU, G42-459TX, G42-460LA, G42-460TU, G42-461LA, G42-461TU,
- HP G42-462TU, G42-463TX, G42-464TX, G42-465LA, G42-465TU, G42-465TX,
- HP G42-466LA, G42-466TU, G42-467TU, G42-468TU, G42-469LA, G42-469TU,
- HP G42-469TX, G42-471TU, G42-471TX, G42-472LA, G42-472TX, G42-473TX,
- HP G42-474TX, G42-475DX, G42-475TU, G42-475TX, G42-476TU, G42-476TX,
- HP G42-477TU, G42-477TX, G42-478TU, G42-483TU, G42T, G42T-100,
- HP G42T-200, G42T-200 CTO, G42T-300, G42t-300 CTO, G42T-400, G42T-400 CTO

Compatible with following P/N:
- HP Compaq 602035-001, 590121-001,
- HP Compaq AEAX1U00210, 9Z.N4RSQ.001

Shipping & handling anywhere in the Continental USA is $4.95.
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Additional Information

Warranty Yes
UPC 887774440009
Condition new

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